WAITING 4 forever

                                                                      '4 BEAUTIFUL eyes, look
                                                                        4 the GOoD in others, 4
                                                                   BEAUTIFUL lips, speak only
                                                                       words of kindness and 4
                                                                  poise, walk with the knowledge
                                                                     that you are NEVER ALONE'
                                                                                                      Audrey Hepburn

feed your FAITH & GO!

                                                                              I. PLEASE Think

                                                                             II. PLEASE Try


                                                  The most IMPORTANT things are invisible!

Cardiac arrest

                                                              'Yesterday is HISTORY, tomorrow
                                                            is a MYSTERY, TODAy is a GOD's gift
                                                                  that's why we call it present'
                                                                                                    Joan Rivers

                                                                       'So, Rest In Peace
                                                           We'll see YOU on the OTHER side'

the LAST* eighteen

                                                                    'I'm NOT AFRAID of DYING
                                                                    I'm NOT AFRAID of TRYING'
                                                                                                      Jay Z

Be HAPPY 4 This moment! This moment is your LIFE!

                                                                  'The HEART is STRONGER
                                                                           than You think
                                                                           like it could GO
                                                                          through anything'