'BIG' Girls cry

                                                                             ♥ is PATIENT

                                                                             ♥ is SELFLESS

                                                                             ♥ is HOPEFUL

                                                                            ♥ is KIND

                                                                             ♥ is JEALOUS

                                                                              ♥ is SELFISH

                                                                            ♥ is HOPELESS

                                                                            ♥ is BLIND


 Quotes: Miley Cyrus 'Someone Else'

Never let IGNORANCE shooting down our BROTHERS!

Slave 2 the Rhythm

                                                             'She dances for the man at work
                                                                  Who works her overtime
                                                          Cuz She's a SLAVE TO THE RHYTHM' 
                                                                                                         Michael Jackson


                FEMINIST: a person who BELIEVES in the social, political and economic EQUALITY of the sexes!

The One and Only

                                                          'You'll never know if you never try...

                                                            I know it ain't easy giving up your ♥
                                                            I know it ain't easy giving up your ♥
                                                                      NOBODY'S PERFECT

                                                           I know it ain't easy giving up your ♥
                                                                  Trust me I've LEARNED it

                                                                   I grow fonder every day
                                                                   LOSE MYSELF IN TIME
                                                                  Just thinking of your face

                                                               I'll protect U cuz I ♥ U so much!

                                                              Come on and give me a CHANCE
                                                      To prove I am the one who can walk that mile
                                                                         Until the end starts...'

Quotes: Adele "One and ONLY"- remarkable song!!!

31.10. Priest said NO! we said GO!-Halloween

                                                                   'Boys and Girls of every age
                                                 Wouldn't you like to SEE SOMETHING STRANGE?
                                                             Come with us and you WILL SEE
                                                                  This, our town of Halloween'
                                                                                                    Marilyn Manson