Stupid Girl! Stupid Girl! Stupid Girl!

                                                     REMEMBER what's IMPORTANT in LIVE!!!!!!
                                                            She ↓ doesn't know it    SHAME!!!!!!


I Will MISS you 4ever...!

                                                                ' ...You NEED to LEARN to
                                                                STAND UP for YOURSELF
                                                                 and WHAT YOU BELIVE
                                                       and sometimes, PARDON my language
                                                                        KICK SOME ASS'
                                                                                             Queen Elizabeth II

BEAUTY is everywhere! Open your fuckin' EYEs!

                                                                 'CREATIVE PEOPLE are often
                                                                          considered CRAZY
                                                                               but I BELIVE
                                                                 CRAZY can be a GOoD thing!'

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ↑

   Text: S. Ć»eromski „Przedwioƛnie”

WAITING 4 forever

                                                                      '4 BEAUTIFUL eyes, look
                                                                        4 the GOoD in others, 4
                                                                   BEAUTIFUL lips, speak only
                                                                       words of kindness and 4
                                                                  poise, walk with the knowledge
                                                                     that you are NEVER ALONE'
                                                                                                      Audrey Hepburn

feed your FAITH & GO!

                                                                              I. PLEASE Think

                                                                             II. PLEASE Try


                                                  The most IMPORTANT things are invisible!