Stanisław Wyspiański 'Macierzyństwo' our interptetation

Sia 'Breathe Me' video made by us.



Marylin Kahlo

                                                                'Take a LOVEr who looks at you
                                                                    like maybe you are MAGIC'
                                                                                                        Frida Kahlo

Shelter yourself in Japanese lamp

                                                                     'Your time is limited, so don't
                                                                   waste it living someone else's life'
                                                                                                                   Steve Jobs

To be or not to be?

                                                                        'Hell is empty
                                                                         all the devils
                                                                            are here'
                                                                                     William ShAKEspeare

She's like a wind

                                                                          'Don't touch
                                                                              my soul
                                                                            dirty hands'
                                                                                          Edie Sedgwick